Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday-Going Home!

Outstanding news, we get to go home!! MK has met all the requirements this morning to be sent home. We are not sure what time we wil get out of here but will just be glad to get home.


Friday, January 27, 2012

My Wife Is...

MK has battled endometriosis for two years. She has had six surgeries. My Wife is a fighter.

MK has put herself through so many tests, medication changes, procedures, and numerous broken hearts in an attempt to find a way to become pregnant. My Wife is selfless.

MK is a true nurturer and loves to care for others. My Wife is going to be a great mother.

MK has researched every option that is out there to treat endometriosis and infertility. My Wife is smart.

MK has enjoyed watching and being a part of her friends' lives that have either recently had babies or are currently pregnant. My Wife is compassionate.

MK has never given up. My Wife is resilient.

MK has just completed the "ultimate surgery" to hopefully get rid of her disease. My Wife is strong.

MK knows the Lord and accepts His plans for us. My Wife is a believer.

These are but a few of the reasons My Wife is my hero.

About 2 weeks ago, MK was unsure of having this surgery. She would call me daily asking me if I thought she was making the right decision. One day I was bringing her lunch to the office when Martina McBride's song "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" came on the radio. From that moment on, I knew whenever MK had doubts or concerns, my response would be "I gonna love you through it". While the song deals with breast cancer, it just seemed to sort of fit us. Endometriosis has been described "cancer-like" in regards to the way it spreads and the discomfort it causes.

To My Wife: I promise to continue to love and support you. You are my hero and I'm gonna love you through it.

Friday Mid-Day Update

Yesterday MK, her parents, and I all enjoyed a nice meal dropped off by two of MK's friends. Our room has been brightened by a couple beautiful floral arrangements and we received a wonderful gift basket full of all sorts of treats. MK was able to get up a little yesterday evening and take a sponge bath.

Last night was a little tough with a low grade fever and the sweats. Having a difficult nurse last night didn't help much either.

Today, started with discomfort for MK but was finally taken care of with the help of the epidural. MK was able to eat some breakfast and is looking forward to lunch.

On a different note, I sure wish our "care team" would get together and communicate about MK's care plan. We have been told at least 3 or 4 different plans regarding the removal of the epidural, switching to oral pain medications, and possible discharge date. I am note sure who is in charge of MK's care at this point because all the different Dr's involved are contradicting one another. It makes us a little uncomfortable when we have one group of Dr's here and we tell them what the other groups have said and they just look at one another in disbelief. I believe I might bill UAB $75 per hour to mediate between these groups. Who knows when the epidural will come out, when MK will start oral meds, or when we will return home. I guess I will simply enjoy my expanded dining choices while here in the big city.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Mid-Day Update

MK is doing well today. Last night was smooth with the exception of the constant interruption of the nursing staff. We know it is required and we appreciate the sincere care. Today MK has been resting comfortably. We have been well cared for by the Dr.'s, residents, interns, nurses, and our private nursing student. UAB is a top notch facility. We have been very impressed. -Bradley

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MK is in a Room!

We have just gotten MK settled into a room (room 7219). We are in the Women and Infant Center located on 8th ave and 18th Street. If you pull to the main entrance you can use the free valet parking (regular parking fees apply). Proceed to main desk on 1st floor to check in and get a visitor badge. Then just take elevator to 7th floor and use intercom to gain access to patient rooms

Surgery Is Over!!!

SUCCESS!!!!! Dr. Estes said surgery went GREAT!!! He said while she had severe endometriosis, he believes he was able to get most all of it. He completed a total hysterectomy (ovaries, uterus, cervix, and tubes) but didn't have to resect the bowels or intestines. She is expected to remain in post-op for another hour or two then we wil be transferred to Women and Infant Center. We will be on floor 7 but don't know a room number. Discharge looks like Saturday or Sunday. I have full confidence that God has worked though this UAB staff and MK is on her way to reclaiming a healthy life. Thank you to each and everyone for the continued thoughts and prayers. I am just elated with the positive response we believe MK has had. -Bradley

Finally Surgery Begins

At 11:10am, MK was finally taken back to surgery. Dr. Estes is very positive regarding the expectation of the outcome In our present location, I have very limited cell phone service, so I apologies for the limited updates. Bradley